How To Use Plex With Apple, Chromecast, TV & More

Pushing your phone’s screen to your television set can actually be a hassle if the media format is not supported. Converting the video will take long hours to complete and there is no guarantee of smooth playback as well.

This is why electronic users should rely on Plex to get the job done. It is basically a combination of a server where all of your media sits and a client, which you use to access your data. There is no charge for the servers and the DLNA is the way of connectivity.

Most devices have DLNA support and all users have to do is simply connect to it and start streaming immediately. Platforms like Chromecast and Apple TV are probably the worse when it comes to supporting a wide array of video formats.

Flex will generalize the video format automatically and stream it on the TV without any problem. The first step is to install the Plex server application on your smartphone, laptops or computers. Now, run the app and sign in to connect.

Once in, organize you files into Plex and configure the transcoding. This means you will decide on the quality of the output.

To start streaming, users will simply log into Plex Home Theatre for Windows and OS X. For mobile devices, users need to pay £2.99 for iOS Plex or £2.92 for Android Plex. Windows Phone Plex are charged at £3.49.


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