How To Get Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features On Galaxy S6

If you would like to try out the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 without the fear of it exploding or burning your house down, you can if you own a Samsung Galaxy S6 right now.

The fact is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came with some pretty interesting feature but most of the users did not have the chance to actually test it out. Well, thanks to the release of the new custom ROM by DaMu’Z, those with a Samsung Galaxy S6 can actually experience what it is like to own a Note 7.

Not that the custom ROM was made for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6. Before starting, you will need to backup your data, enable the USB debugging option and root the device.

Once you have done all of that, you can start installing the custom ROM. Download the ROM here and the Google Apps Package here. Now connect your S6 to the PC using the USB cable and copy the file to your device.

Disconnect and turn off the device. Now enter the recovery mode by holding down on Volume Up + Home + Power. Here, you will need to wipe data/ factory reset. Now, select Install Zip and locate the zip file. Next, start the flashing process.

Press Back to go back to the recovery menu and reboot the Galaxy S6. Your device should be running on the new ROM now.

The custom ROM will allow you to try out some of the Note 7 features like the Smart Manager, Photo Studio, Notes, the new Touchwiz Launcher and more.

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