How To Get All Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo Rewards

Nintendo is trying to keep the lid shut in their upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon but the gamers are not going to give up just yet. In fact, some of them managed to squeeze out some extra detail about the game by determining it.

According to the latest report, it looks like you might be able to get more reward out of the game just by revisiting the places. It is said that some villagers around Hau’oli will ask to come back. If you return on the day they specify, you will receive some additional items.

The items given came be brought over to the full version of the game when it is released so it is definitely worth the trip. Here are some of the people you might want to talk to.

To receive 10 Pretty Wings, you will need to talk to the main outside of the Pokemon Centre and return one day later. At the bottom left corner of the town, there is a woman standing by the street sign. Talk to here and return after 5 days to trigger an in-game event. No items will be rewarded.

This is just a couple of people that you can go back to. Check out the link for the full list of rewards.

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