How To Check If Your iPhone 6s Is Defective [Guide]

Apple has finally admitted that their Apple iPhone 6s battery is defective but not all models are affected by the issue. So how do you know if you ae eligible for a free battery replacement or not?

When Apple first acknowledge the issue, they reveal that the models that are affected will be those that are produced between September and October of 2015. Well, to make sure there is no confusion, Apple ha now added a serial number checker on their site so that users can just check their serial number to see if their devices are the ones affected.

SO now you’ve checked your series number and your device is withing that period. So what do you do? Well, you need to send it back to Apple so that they can get it repaired but before you do that, backup your data to iCloud or iTunes and also disable Find My iPhone. Next, erase all the data and setting and you are good to go.

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