Honda Ridgeline Goes In For The Triple Kill!

Most truck drivers will not even consider the Honda Ridgeline as an option when looking for a truck. The Ridgeline is often described as not being a true truck but that hasn’t stopped them from getting into the finals for three awards this year.

Motor Trend has just released the list of finalist for the Motor Trend Truck of the Year award and one of the models that got into the finals was the Honda Ridgeline.

Besides being the finalize for Motor Trend’s award, the Honda Ridgeline was also listed as one of the finalists for the North American Truck of the Year award. The winner will be announced at the 2017 North American International Auto Show which will be happening on the 9th of January.

The third award that the Honda Ridgeline are also in the run for is the 2017 Green Truck of the Year award. How many do you think the Ridgeline will end up nabbing?

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