Honda CR-Z Won’t Be Breaking Anybody’s Heart

The Honda CR-Z started out looking very promising. Its stunning exterior design was all it need to gain the attention of the public but everything when downhill when Honda announced that the Honda CR-Z was going to power by a hybrid engine that offers far less power than what the fans expected.

The Honda CR-Z was fitted with a 1.5-liter engine that delivered about 130hp and 140lb ft of torque. The engine was paired with an electric engine. Fans were hoping that in time, Honda would actually add on a few more engine options so that those looking for something more will have a choice but that did not happen.

Instead of upgrading the engine, Honda has decided to kill off the Honda CR-Z for good. They announce the axing of the Honda CR-Z in Japan first before announcing that the Honda CR-Z will also be canceled in North America.

Would the Honda CR-Z be more successful if Honda were to give it a more powerful engine?

Steven Estevez

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