Honda CR-Z: What A Pity

Well, this is it. Honda has made it official. The Honda CR-Z will be ending its journey in Japan as well as in the US. While the axing of the Honda CR-Z did not come as a surprise, it is still a pity to see it go this year.

Honda might have made a lot of mistakes when it comes to the Honda CR-Z but one thing definitely got right was the design of the Honda CR-Z. It looks amazing, too bad it did not have the powertrain to match that design.

Most people blamed the 1.5-liter engine for its failure with many of them saying that it was a mistake to give the Honda CR-Z a mere 130hp and 140lb ft of torque engine when it looks like a performance model.

Some fans were still hoping that Honda would keep the design around and release a more powerful version in the future but it looks like that is not going to happen. Are you sad that the Honda CR-Z will be gone?

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