Honda CR-Z: Nobody’s Mourning

It looks like it is really the end of the road for the Honda CR-Z. Honda announced that they will be removing the car from their Japanese line up followed by another announcing saying that the Honda CR-Z will also be canceled in North America.

The Honda CR-Z did impress us all when they first took the cover off it. The CR-Z looked sporty and sleek, everything we wanted a performance car to look like. The only problem was that the CR-Z design did not match what it had to offer under the hood.

It might look like the fun car but under the hood was a 1.5-liter engine that pushing out a miserable 130hp and 140lb ft of torque. Fans were hoping that Honda would eventually offer a more powerful version of the Honda CR-Z but instead of that, it looks like Honda have decided to just axe it.

While it will be sad to see such a beautiful design going to waste, we do not think anybody will really be missing the Honda CR-Z when it’s gone.

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