Honda Civic Hatchback Is All About That Sexy Back

We have already seen what the new Honda Civic is all about and now it is almost time to see what the new Honda Civic Hatchback will have to offer but not before we check out its new sexy back.

Spies managed to capture a few images of the Honda Civic Hatchback’s rear while it was getting loaded up and like what the rumors had predicted, the production model will look almost identical to the concept that Honda showed off earlier this year.

The rear looks slightly more aggressive than the standard version but not too aggressive to the point where people starts cringing. The rear was also fitted with a spoiler on the top of the back windows and another one below the window.

According to Autoblog, the ship with the Honda Civic Hatchback would have already arrived in Baltimore on the 8th of August which means the new Civic Hatchback is already here in the US. All we need now is for Honda to announce and release it.

Steven Estevez

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