Honda Civic, Accord, & CR-V Future Is Going To Be Ridiculous

We thought that having a ten-speed transmission option is crazy but it that does not sound so crazy now that we know that Honda might offer an 11-speed transmission in the future.

Not only is Honda filing a patent for a transmission that has 11 gears, the transmission will also come with three clutches. This is getting out of hand. Many consumers can’t see why Honda need to have so many gears. At this point, it is starting to feel like automakers are just trying to see who can offer the most amount of gears almost like the camera megapixel and the smartphone camera.

The patent does not reveal how Honda plans to use this new 11-speed transmission but most people believe that it will be used to further improve the fuel economy of some of their models like the Fit or maybe the Pilot. Or maybe they plan to offer it on all the Honda models in the future. Protection Status