Hats Off To the Best 5 Smartphones In 2014

It is the final day of 2014 and we are going to look back at the best smartphones the year had to offer. It was difficult for us to produce the list below since most devices that was released in 2014 are equally mesmerizing to say the least. Nevertheless, only five can be selected and they are as follow:

1. Google Nexus 6
This is the last flagship device to get released this year and it came out as the only smartphone to run on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. The Nexus 6 is also built with premium materials and high end hardwares thus, justifying its position in this list.

2. Apple iPhone 6
There is no annual list of best smartphones without the Apple iPhones and this year, it is no different. The Apple iPhone 6 was launched back in September and it arrived with a much larger display and the award winning iOS 8.

3. Samsung Galaxy S5
Even though the Galaxy S5 is half step behind most Android smartphones in terms of hardwares, it is still a force to be recognized. The S5 is packed with tons of features that is unrivalled by any other devices.

4. LG G3
It is affordable, powerful and revolutionary. The LG G3 deserves to be on this list for being the pioneer in QHD resolution among mainstream smartphones.

5. HTC One M8
The One M8 is very akin to the Samsung Galaxy S5. It might not have so much features to offer but the fact that it is the world’s most beautiful smartphone allows it to be on this list. Furthermore, the Sense UI ensures that the One M8 has the best software-hardware integration when compared to other Android devices.

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