Half Life 3: Where Does It Stand Now

The Half-Life series had always seemed to be having some really neat things lined up for them, as Valve used to suggest, but times have changed and it’s highly unlikely that the 3rd chapter will be released anytime soon.

Somehow or rather, the Half-Life 3 used to in development until it became a known fact that it’s not (as of now), though we still know it exists. It has reached a point whereby fans are starting to lose hope for the franchise and that it would be a wiser choice for the developer to keep it unfinished forever. This would definitely sound deeply depressing for the fans, but unless Valve really is doing something about it, we can see no future from the said franchise.

Sorrows aside, people have been adding to the hype of the possibility of a continuity for this franchise, it’s a joke said in an endearing manner as people aren’t actually that mad at Valve for not releasing the game. Well, we can’t wait forever so if Half-Life 3 indeed comes out into the gaming industry, we’re sure that the fans would be “revived” and that faith would be restored in the gaming franchise.

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