Half Life 3: Valve Writes Off E3 Announcement As False?

There has already been numerous leaks surrounding Half Life 3 but none of them are as big as the one that occurred at Steam earlier this year. Ever since then, many Half Life fans are hopeful that Half Life 3 will finally get announced this year at E3.

However, to Gabe Newell, the confirmation on Half Life 3 is unlikely to happen. The co-founder of Valve and also the brains behind the Half Life series cooled the hype instantaneously when he stated in a short interview that Half Life 3 is not in development at the moment and it won’t be coming anytime soon.

In other words, Gabe is saying that Half Life 3 won’t be getting announced at E3 this year. Of course, this is just our interpretation on the matter and we could be wrong. Either way, Gabe didn’t deny Half Life 3’s development and as it remains, the game’s release is still inevitable.

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