Half Life 3: Third Party Call Ups Unneeded

Half Life 3 is certainly going to be huge when released but it is unfortunate that this is still pending to happen. As a matter of fact, fans of the Half Life series have been kept waiting more than a decade for Half Life 3.

There are already a section of the fans giving up on the wait and requesting Valve to pass the Half Life 3 project to a third party developer. Well, this should not and won’t look like happening at all.

This is because the Half Life brand is considered as one of the best gaming series in history and the glory belongs to Valve. Considering the huge potential with Half Life 3, the future sequel’s development is meant to be for Valve, not any other entity in the market.

Besides, having a different firm producing Half Life 3 might just offer a gameplay of different feel. Having it can spoil Half Life’s legacy and nobody, including Valve, wants that to happen.

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