Half Life 3: The Wait Prolongs According To Gabe Newell

It has been more than ten years since Half Life 2 got released but fans are resilient as they wait on for Half Life 3. Now, their resiliency is about to pay off after Valve broke their silence for Half Life 3.

In a short interview with Gabe Newell that happened earlier today, the co-founder of Valve revealed that he was shocked by the anticipation showed by the fans for Half Life 3. The lad acknowledged the demand for Half Life 3 and was happy about it.

Gabe then broke the bad news by claiming that Half Life 3 is still not in development and it won’t be coming anytime soon. The upside to this is that Half Life 3 will be launched indefinitely, in the unknown future.

It might hurt the fans to hear that they have to wait an unknown amount of time for Half Life 3. The positive is that the sequel will certainly make its debut. Maybe, fans can start predicting Gabe’s life span to know on the maximum waiting period. That will be a start.


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