Half Life 3: The Spotlight Is On Gabe!

Fans of the Half Life franchise are in for a treat. An interview from Gabe Newell yesterday finally broke the silence on Half Life 3. Gabe was entangled in a question regarding the highly anticipated title and was forced to talk about it.

The co-founder of Valve and creator of the Half Life series shared that he was surprised by the growing popularity of Half Life 3 among gamers. Gabe then added that Half Life 3 is currently not in production so it won’t be coming anytime soon.

Unfortunately, Gabe quickly changed the topic to avoid any further talks regarding Half Life 3. Also, judging from Gabe’s statements, it seems that Half Life 3 is still far away from getting released.

There is a positive that can be taken from the interview and it is the fact that Gabe didn’t deny Half Life 3’s production. With that being said, Half Life 3’s debut is inevitable in the future. However, the bigger question remains and it is when?

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