Half Life 3 Announcement On November 3rd, Seriously?

We’ve been waiting for a Half Life 3 announcement and instead we’ve been getting more and more crazy rumors. The latest stormed the blogosphere and social networks just last week and is still running strong. So much so that most gamers who have been reposting it don’t realize where it came from.

Half Life 3 release date rumors

November 3rd is the latest date floating around the web. And given that it is less than a week away, there’s no surprise its gone viral. But where did that date come from?

We all know the jokes going around about how any resemblance to HL3 is confirmation about the game. So is the ’3′ in November 3rd the reason behind this new witch hunt? No, not exactly.

November 3rd just so happens to be Gabe Newell’s birthday! So the purported Half Life 3 release date is nothing but some crazy rumor that started from there and has blown up to something more!

So don’t expect anything to happen on the Half Life 3 front next week. Seriously, don’t.

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