Half Life 3 Plotted: Too Good To Ignore

Half Life 3’s status might be end up as the world’s biggest mysteries but the game’s arrival is bound to happen in the future. What is not a mystery, however, is Half Life 3’s plot. It seems that fans have got a rough picture on what is coming in the highly anticipated sequel, even when nothing has been revealed to them by Valve.

With the abundance of rumours, leak, speculations, fan-made plot and 10-years of thinking, it is safe to assume that the Borealis destruction in Half Life 3 is inevitable. Furthermore, judging from the Half Life film and the ending of Half Life 2, fans can look forward to taking part on a big war in Half Life 3.

In detail, the series’ protagonist will return and set out on a mission to stop the Combine invasion and destroy the Borealis. The main character will be aided by Alyx and the G-Man.

Half Life 3 will start with the Combine, acquiring the Borealis and is studying its mechanism. Just when the antagonist learns on how to operate the Borealis, the protagonist will turn into that one-man army and stop them for good. There will be some climatic battles here and there but at the end of the day, the main character manages to destroy the Borealis.

This will result in the Combine seeing no use for Earth and retreat to seek out other planets. Some enemies will remain to end the world but the protagonist is fast to stop them. Regardless of the choices made, the Combine will be long gone at the end of the game with peace finally restored.

In short, there is no better way to plot out Half Life 3 than what is mentioned above. Then again, Valve wouldn’t result to taking a fan-made plot for a super huge title coming in the future. Surely enough, the game developer will work on an original storyline for Half Life 3. That will also mean that the title won’t be released anytime too soon.

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