Half Life 3 Plotted: Borealis Destroyed, Combine Retreat & More

There is a lot of anticipation for Half Life 3 but it is unfortunate for the fans as there is still no official word on the game’s development by Valve. This has resulted in the fans, tirelessly waiting for Half Life 3 to get produced for a decade already.

While Half Life 3 remains to be a mysterious and controversial subject, fans can already get a rough idea on the game’s plot. This is through watching the fan-made Half Life film that in makes the perfect continuation from Half Life 2: Episode 2.

If Valve is to produce something similar, then fans can look forward to seeing Half Life 3 starting with the Combine acquiring the Borealis before learning on how to function it. The plot is pretty simple. The protagonist will be supported by Alyx as they bid to destroy the Borealis and end the war with the Combine.

There will be some awkward encounters with the G-Man as the lad wishes for a similar outcome. Alyx, on the other hand, won’t be happy in having to ally with the G-Man but at the end of the day, both characters will finally call it truce with each other and enjoy the newly found peace.

Of course, Valve will never resort to absorbing a fan’s plot for Half Life 3. Perhaps, that is why the game was delayed for so long as Valve is thinking of an unpredictable plot for the highly anticipated game.