Half Life 3 Plot Summed Up After Decade-Long Discussion

After waiting for more than ten years for Half Life 3, it seems that the fans have already got the game’s plot figured out. This is amazing since Valve has yet to announce anything on the highly anticipated title.

Well, discovering the plot is not something difficult for the fans if they are to source their information from Half Life 2.

After looking at every possible angle, the fans agreed that Half Life 3 will start with the Combine acquiring the Borealis. The alien race will then attempt to control the Borealis to destroy the planet but their ploy will be interrupted by the game’s protagonist, together with the G-Man and Alyx.

The player will manage to take the Borealis away from the Combine and destroy it once and for all. As that happens, the Combine will see no use for their invasion and will submit to a full retreat. This will then restore the peace in the universe.

Of course, there is no real confirmation on if Half Life 3’s plot will be exactly like the above. The fan-made storyline sounds so accurate that it was used by the fan-made Half Life film. However, will it be good enough to force Valve into producing Half Life 3?


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