Half Life 3 Now On Mystery Pre-Order!

Half Life 3 has been caught on the spotlight yet again after a Webhallen started taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated title.

The online retailer from Sweden had just added Half Life 3 on its website and it comes with the option for consumers to make a pre-order.

However, when clicking on the ad, there are no details to Half Life 3 or even a logo to begin with. The only thing that is stated there is the fact that Half Life 3 is developed by Valve and the copy of the game cost $55.97.

The mysterious thing is that the pre-order came on only a month after 499KR put on a Half Life 3 placeholder on their website. The latter is also an online retailer from Sweden and the irony of it all is that Valve has little to no connection with the European nation.

Of course, everything about Half Life 3 has been a secret for more than a decade already and there is a chance for Webhallen to know more than the Half Life fans.

On the other hand, Webhallen could just be tapping on Half Life 3’s popularity to enjoy great traffic on their website.

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