Half Life 3: No Announcement On E3?

Following the massive leak at Steam and the surfacing of many new rumours on Half Life 3 this year, it seems that there is a huge chance for the highly anticipated title to finally get announced later this year.

Fans have waited more than a decade to hear an announcement on Half Life 3 and it seems that the confirmation is going to be made at E3. However, Gabe Newell reiterated that it is not going to happen.

The co-founder of Valve and also the brains behind the Half Life franchise went on an interview very recently to share that Half Life 3 is not in production at the moment and fans should not expect it to come anytime soon.

In other words, Gabe is telling the world that Half Life 3 is not in development at all and won’t be announced at E3. Regardless, Gabe didn’t deny Half Life 3’s inevitable release. While it might be a positive point to take, the statement equates to more wait for the Half Life fans.

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