Half Life 3 Or Left 4 Dead 3: Which Press Release Will be the First to Post?

Valve’s Left 4 Dead 3 and of course Half Life 3 are all being anticipated for a release despite no announcement whatsoever on the matter. Question is, which title will be the first to be rolled out?

Just recently, the company’s internal database information has been leaked over the internet revealing the mailing list that relates to the three mentioned gaming titles. At the moment, Valve has a 300 workers capacity. 42 of whom are developers and designers that have mailed to the company in regards to Half Life 3. 42 out of 300 is quite a huge number for a game development.

The numbers accumulated based on the mail also suggest that there are more people in the company working on Half Life 3 rather than Left 4 Dead 3 with the Source 2 engine. We may see Half Life 3 getting released earlier than the other two in reference to this information. Once again, take this with a grain of salt since nothing stone is announced on the title.

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