Half Life 3: Last Hope Is With Conspiracy Theories

Half Life 3 has been a subject of mystery for over a decade now and if there is one way to get Valve to produce the highly anticipated title, it is through conspiracy theories. At least, the is how the fans are seeing it right now after being put to wait for a long period of time.

In detail fans believe that conspiracy theories are their last hope to get Valve to produce Half Life 3. After all, conspiracies are the only thing that managed to capture Valve attention, even though they got denied by the game developer.

Perhaps, Valve is waiting for a fan to come up with the right conspiracy before confirming on Half Life 3’s status. This is not impossible since the game developer has a different method when it comes to pre-announcing game. Just by looking at Portal 2, the upcoming title was announced through an Easter egg in an Alternate Reality Game.

As such, fans are now on a high with conspiracy theories for Half Life 3. Some might find this ridiculous but until there is a better idea, many fans prefer to stick with the above theory. After being put through more than a decade of wait, the fans have nothing to lose.

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