Half Life 3: Keep The Theories Coming Boys!

It seems that the last hope for Half Life fans to force Valve into developing Half Life 3 is through creating conspiracy theories. This suggestion was made by a fan earlier today who called for other fans to not stop developing theories on Half Life 3.

The lad revealed that he researched Valve methods of launching video games and confirmed that they are often extraordinary. Looking at how Valve is going to launch Portal 2, the game developer announced it through the Easter eggs in an Alternate Reality Game.

For Half Life 3 on the other hand, Valve seems to be enjoying the many fan-made conspiracy theories on the game. As such, it is very likely that the conspiracy theories are the only way to convince Valve into producing Half Life 3.

Some fans agreed to this point and further suggested that perhaps, Valve is waiting for a conspiracy theory to be spot on before confirming Half Life 3’s production. As such, the Half Life community shouldn’t give up and work to make more theories on the highly anticipated title.


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