Half Life 3: Joins The VR Party

At this point, any news about the game Half-Life 3 will be good. Despite all the talks and rumors, there has not been any official confirmation that the game is being developed or being considered at all but the fact that Valve has not stepped out and officially announce that Half-Life 3 will not be happening gave fans hope that it might happen.

The Independent seems to believe that the game has been canceled but the fans seem to think that the Half-life 3 games might come with some VR feature. This rumor started after a benchmark tool was released by Valve for the HTC Vive. Half Life 3 was mentioned in it which had led to fans questioning if Valve is working on a Half-Life 3 game for the new HTC Vive.

It is believe that we could be seeing the game in 2017 when Valve announces it at E3.

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