Half Life 3: Is Source 2 Enough To Make It Unfailable?

There has been talk going around about a scenario involving Half Life 3 and the fact that when it arrived the game was a load of rubbish. Gamers have been waiting for the game for a long time and if it did there would be lots of disappointed people out there.

Of course those who have been waiting for what seems like forever for the arrival of the game have said that even if the game arrived and it was garbage, at least the wait would be over. Of course one thing that Half Life 3 should offer is plenty of gameplay. A game that can be played through in under 2 hours wouldn’t go down well after waiting all this time for its arrival.

Of course there is a great deal of hype surrounding Half Life 3 and the game is going to have to offer something special if it is to live up to it. So what do you think?

Is Half Life 3 going to be worth the wait or will it arrive and be a complete load of garbage that you can complete in under two hours?

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