Half Life 3: How Should Valve Announce It?

After 10 years of waiting for Half Life 3, fans of the highly successful franchise are demanding for a huge announcement for the game in the future. Anything short of awesome is unacceptable since the fans have been going through the torture of waiting for so long now.

In a recent discussion among Half Life fans, many agreed that Half Life 3 should be announced with an element of surprise.

If Valve is planning to do the announcement during E3, it should wait until the show has ended. Just after the host bids farewell to the crowd, a sudden blackout happens and that is when the G-Man starts blabbering about Half Life 3’s coming.

On the other hand, a sector of the fans simply wishes to wake up one day, open up Steam and discovers that Half Life 3 is released. While that may be more intense, it lacks a build-up which most fans desire for.

The other idea involves Gabe Newell. When E3 happens, Gabe will take the stage and remain silent. He will then raise his hand and point up his index figure indicating the number one. Then he moves on to his middle finger, thus, making it a two. That is when fans get the picture and scream hysterically right before Gabe raises his third finger. The co-founder of Valve then points to the huge screen that confirms Half Life 3’s coming and before fans know it, Gabe has disappeared.

The final great idea is with Half Life 3’s confirmation coming from and alternate reality game. Like how it was for Metal Gear Solid, fans will play a simple puzzle game with a lot of mysteries and Easter eggs. Right at the end of the game, the message will read that Half Life 3 is coming soon.

The last idea seems like the most likely way for Valve to announce on Half Life 3. After all, they will also get to bag the profits of selling a simple alternate reality title.

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