Half Life 3: Hopes Lingering On Conspiracies

It seems that the only hope left for Half Life fans to get Valve into producing Half Life 3 is through coming up with conspiracy theories. After being put to wait for more than a decade, fans have lost the will to listen to the rumours and speculations on Half Life 3.

Instead, the fans are now uniting to come up with many new conspiracy theories as they believe that Valve will only announce Half Life 3 if a fan-made theory is correct. While it might sound ridiculous, such a practice could come fruitful.

After all, Valve has a habit of pre-announcing games in an unpredictable manner. Just by looking at the upcoming title, Portal 2, Valve announced it through an Easter egg in an alternate reality title.

With that being said, Valve could be pinning their hopes on the fans to come up with the right conspiracy theory before they can announce on Half Life 3. As such, Half Life fans should not stop coming up with new theories as that is their only hope to get the game released.


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