Half Life 3: High Expectations For Game’s Announcement

The wait for Half Life 3 has stretched past the decade-long mark and there is still no sign of the game coming. This is really hurtful for the fans as they have undergone the worst torture of time. So if Valve is to release Half Life 3, fans are hoping that it would be announced in a special manner.

Like how it was done for Portal 2, fans can make do if Half Life 3 is announced through an ARG title. The idea of playing an unknown game only to realize it is actually Half Life 3’s announcement will certainly be exciting.

On the other hand, many are expecting Half Life 3 to get announced at E3, like how it was for the previous titles. Perhaps, Valve could get creative and save the announcement until the moment the host bids the event to a close. Then, the lights will go off and fans will hear the voice of G-Man narrating.

The other way to do this is with Gabe Newell, taking the microphone at E3. However, instead of uttering anything, the series’ co-creator will raise his index finger. As the crowd remains clueless, Gabe raises his middle finger. Next, he raises the third finger before being greeted by a loud roar from Half Life fans worldwide. The attention will then shift to the screen and Gabe will do disappear from the stage.

By far, the last idea is definitely the best one around. Nevertheless, fans couldn’t accept if Half Life 3 fall below any of their expectation. This is an obstacle for Valve to tackle on their own.