Half Life 3 Held Back By Source 2

After waiting more than a decade for Half Life 3, fans of the highly successful gaming series agreed that the long delay is due to the development of Source 2. The next gen game engine that is being developed by Valve is still not ready yet, thus, delaying Half Life 3’s production.

With gaming machines and rigs already upgraded to cater many AAA titles, it won’t be right if Valve releases Half Life 3 with old school technicalities. As such, Source 2 plays an important role if fans ever want to play Half Life 3.

On the downside of things, the status of Source 2 is still unknown to the masses but it is safe to assume that the game engine is still pending for completion. Otherwise, Valve must have organized a launch party for Source 2.

Then again, Source 2 doesn’t look like coming anytime soon as the production is continuously being put on hold. Valve is apparently busy publishing new titles for their Steam platform, thus, pausing Source 2’s development. The fans are fumed by this and are calling Valve to give Source 2 their undivided attention.


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