Half Life 3: GDC Meant For Failure

Half Life fans that were hoping for Half Life 3 to get announced at GDC must be really upset today. This is because GDC failed to see Half Life 3 getting announced at all. Well, fans should get over it as GDC is not the right place for Half Life 3 to get announced at all.

This is because GDC is more of a tech exhibition with nothing game-related. Hence, Valve went on GDC to discuss about the future of Steam and the VR headset project. Valve didn’t reveal anything about games at all. As a matter of fact, it is only once in a blue moon when a game gets announced at GDC.

If there is place that is fitting for Half Life 3 to get announced, it is at E3. However, the last E3 also ended up in disappointment hence fans should look further ahead at next-year’s E3. Perhaps, Valve will reveal more on Half Life 3 in 2016.

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