Half Life 3: Gabe’s Secrecy Reaches An End

Gabe Newell is the brains behind the Half Life series but the lad has failed to share anything on Half Life 3. That was until yesterday when Gabe finally broke its silence and gave away subtle information on the highly anticipated sequel.

The lad, who is also the co-founder of Valve, cracked open when got caught with questions about Half Life 3. Gabe suddenly turned uneasy and replied that he was actually surprised by the growing popularity of the old franchise.

However, Gabe finished the Half Life topic by saying that Half Life 3 is not in development at the moment and pleaded the fans to not expect anything yet. Upon saying so, Gabe switched to a different topic.

There is a positive that can be taken from Gabe’s words and it is the fact that Half Life 3 is not cancelled. While it may not be in development yet, Gabe didn’t deny the possibility for the game to get released eventually. Unfortunately, this also means that fans have to wait longer for Half Life 3.