Half Life 3: Gabe Pokes At The Sequel

After waiting for more than decade for Half Life 3, Valve has finally broken their silence on the status of the game. The game developer’s co-founder, Gabe Newell, personally addressed the ongoing Half Life 3 controversy in a short interview earlier today.

The lad revealed that he is aware of the growing popularity of Half Life 3 among gamers. Unfortunately, Gabe claims that Half Life 3 won’t be produced anytime soon. He then concluded by saying that the highly anticipated title will be in the company’s plans further in the future.

While no details were shared by Gabe Newell, it does give the fans a sigh of relief as they know that Half Life 3 is no longer a mysterious subject and the game’s debut is inevitable. On the downside of things, the fans will have to keep up with a much longer waiting period.

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