Half Life 3: Gabe Newell Indirectly Confirmed It?

For some Gabe Newell is a hero but for most Half Life fans, the co-founder of Valve and the brains behind the Half Life series is growing to be a villain. This is because Gabe Newell has failed to come clean when it comes to Half Life 3.

Fans have been put to more than a decade of wait for this highly anticipated sequel and were frustrated as their queries fell on deaf ears. Well, that is until today when Gabe found himself trapped in a Half Life 3 question, during an interview that happened earlier today.

The lad managed to keep his cool and shared that he was actually surprised by the growing popularity of the Half Life series, despite it being an old franchise. Gabe then broke the bad news by citing that Half Life 3 is not in development at the moment and fans shouldn’t expect it to come anytime soon. Upon saying that, Gabe changed the topic entirely.

While it might mean more wait for the fans, there is actually a positive that can be taken from the interview and it is with Gabe who didn’t deny that Half Life 3’s coming at all.


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