Half Life 3: E3 Might Not Happen

After witnessing numerous leaks involving Half Life 3 this year, it is somehow suggests that the game is in production and is due to get announced at E3 this year.

Now, that doesn’t look like happening at all after Gabe Newell reiterated the usual bad news. The co-founder and brains behind Half Life was on the spotlight yesterday and he took the opportunity to give a status update on Half Life 3.

Gabe simply said that Half Life 3 is not in production at the moment and fans shouldn’t expect it to come anytime soon. Of course, Gabe could either be cooling down the hype or telling the truth.

Either way, there is a positive that can be taken from Gabe’s words and that is he didn’t deny Half Life 3’s coming at all. No matter how the outcome of E3 will be like, Half Life 3’s coming remain to be inevitable.


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