Half Life 3: Dream On Third-Party Developers

For more than a decade already, fans have been waiting for Half Life 3 and there is still no sign of the game coming today. A sector of the fans is growing tired of the long wait and they are desperate for Half Life to get produced.

With Valve continuously denying Half Life 3, the handful of fans are calling for the original makers to pass the Half Life 3 project to another developer. Doing so will definitely see Half Life 3 getting released sooner rather than later but it will only destroy the legacy of the series.

Obviously, that is something Valve wouldn’t want to happen since the Half Life brand has been their most popular and finest creation in all of history. Having a third party developer producing Half Life 3 will definitely change the feel of the game.

Besides, Valve would definitely want to see Half Life 3 title being paired together with their name. Half Life 3 is going to be a jewel when released and it is only for Valve to create.

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