Half Life 3: Conspiracy Theories Key To Game’s Development

Half Life fans should not stop creating conspiracy theories for Half Life 3 as it appears that it is the only way to get Valve to produce the highly anticipated title. To make it more clear, there is a chance that Valve is entertained by the conspiracy theories and it could force them into creating Half Life 3.

This seems likely if Half Life fans are to put themselves in Valve’s shoes. For certain, the game developer fears the number 3. They have yet to launch a third sequel for any of their gaming franchise.

Also, Valve has the tendency to announce an upcoming title in an artistic way. Looking at the upcoming game, Portal 2, Valve announced it through an Alternate Reality Game, in the form of an Easter egg.

For Half Life 3 however, Valve may well just use conspiracy theories to announce the game. Perhaps, the game developer is waiting for a fan to come up with the right theory before confirming it to be true.

While there is no certainty on this, conspiracy theories seems to be the fans only hope to get Half Life 3. After being put to wait for more than a decade already, the fans have nothing to lose so they shouldn’t stop piling up the pressure on Valve with self-made allegations.


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