Half Life 3: Conspiracy Theories Is What Keeping The Hopes Alive

If there is a way to convince Valve into developing Half Life 3, it is through the anticipation shown by the fans. For more than a decade now, the huge Half Life fan base have been buzzing, discussing and even summing up conspiracy theories on Half Life 3’s development.

This may sound ridiculous but it is actually very important to keep repeating the anticipation pattern as it is what keeping the franchise alive. Just looking at Valve, they don’t seem to favour the number 3.

The game developer will be launching Portal 2 very soon now and the game was announced in an Easter egg on an alternate reality game (ARG). Now, Half Life fans don’t need an ARG for the announcement of Half Life 3 but it just shows how Valve behaves.

With the conspiracy theories being kept alive, Valve will surely submit into the fans will and announces Half Life 3 in a fun and interactive way. Who knows? It might already be happening now. As such, fans should never stop making their own theories for the game.


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