Half Life 3 Can’t Come Without Source 2

There is a lot of mystery to why Valve is taking far too long to produce Half Life 3. The highly anticipated sequel has caused the fans to wait for more than a decade already and there is still no sign of the game coming today.

Most fans agreed that the issue is with Source 2 and nothing else. With gaming machines already in digital age, it won’t be right for Valve to produce Half Life 3 with the old Source engine.

On the downside of things, the status of Source 2 remains stagnant with slow progress in development. Many fans blamed Valve for this as the game developer is not giving Source 2 their undivided attention.

In detail, Valve has been pushing out B-grade titles and giving its entire attention to their PC gaming platform, Steam. This results in Source 2 not making any quick progress at all. The chain reaction follows with many other Valve titles, including Half Life 3, being put on hold.

Fans can be certain that once Source 2 game engine is completed, Half Life 3’s release will follow shortly and so will more great sequels from Valve. Then again, there is no telling on when that may happen.


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