Half Life 3 Appears In European Store With Interesting Details

The buzz on Half Life 3 has been revived after a Swedish online retailer listed the game on their website with a release date of 2015. The website, named 499 Kr, updated Half Life 3’s advert yesterday but failed to go into specifics with its release date.

Then again, this is considered as a common occurring by the Half Life fans. The community simply suggest that it could either be a mistake by the retailer or a joke. The Half Life fans have been waiting literally a decade for Half Life 3 and there is still no news of it anywhere.

Throughout the wait, the fans have experienced so much mental torture and abuse from gamers all around the world. As such, they are not gutted by the advert from 499 Kr.

On the other hand, the advert could also be a placeholder. There could be a slim chance that the Swedish company knows something that no else does. Maybe, 499 Kr has a spy within Valve, thus, being able to tell that Half Life 3 is to arrive in 2015.

The bottom line is that nobody but Valve knows on the status of 2015. Half Life 3 is such a popular subject in the gaming industry that the advert on 499 Kr could also be a hoax to pull traffic into the website.


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