Half Life 3 According To Gabe Newell

For more than a decade now, Half Life fans have been left waiting for Half Life 3. While it might be a long and painful wait, the resilient shown by the fans are beginning to pay off. Signs of Half Life 3 coming into production are beginning to surface starting with the words of Gabe Newell himself.

The co-founder for Valve was spotted in an interview earlier today and he was asked about Half Life 3. Gabe revealed that he was surprised by the growing popularity of the old Half Life franchise. However, Gabe played it cool and claims that Half Life 3 won’t be coming anytime soon but it is a possible title in the future.

Unfortunately, those are the only words uttered by Gabe Newell. There is a positive that Half Life fans can take from this and it is that Half Life 3 will definitely be created. The downside to this is that nobody but Gabe Newell has the knowledge to when that may happen.

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