Gwent: CDPR Wants You To Kill The Servers

We have seen more than one game’s server crash after it was release and they end up having to deal with angry fans. Well, CD Projekt Red wants to avoid all of that by asking their fans to kill their server.

CD Projekt Red will launch an evenT this week called Kill The Servers. CDPR announced that they wold like to test how far they can push their servers before it breaks and they want their fans to help them test it out.

The event will start on the 23rd of September and the 27th of September but they will be giving out the access code on the 22nd of September. Only PC players will be able to test out the servers for them.

Fans will have to be signed up to the Close Beta to apply for the event but getting access to the event does not mean that you are guaranteed a spot for the Closed Beta testing. You can head here to read more about the Kill the Server event.

CDPR also announce that the Closed Beta for Gwent will happen on the 25th of October.

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