GTA Online: Yes, The Jumbo Jet Is Now Available In Public Sessions

Stealing a Jumbo Jet in GTA 5 is one of the must-do things in the game. Despite its size, the Jumbo Jet is very fragile which makes stealing it more difficult. Over at GTA 5’s multiplayer mode, there has been many attempts to steal the Jumbo Jet but most of them ended up in failure.

Now, there is a way to pilot the Jumbo Jet in GTA Online. However, it is a tedious task to perform. If you’re up for it, simply follow these instructions:

1. Steal the Jumbo Jet in single player mode. Land the jet at Trevors Airstrip before saving your game.
2. Go to GTA Online and head down to Trevors Airstrip. Position yourself to where your single player character was when you saved earlier.
3. Make sure your “spawn at last location” is set to on. Now, quickly double switch back to single player mode and then to GTA Online.
4. Once back in GTA Online, go to the Xbox or PS3 store and while it is loading, sign out of your account.
5. This will cause GTA 5 to start the prologue mission. Sign into your account again and load to your last saved game in single player.
6. Now enter GTA Online and the Jumbo Jet should be next to you.

With the Jet all accessible in GTA Online now, you can start flying and show it off to the world. Why steal at the airport when you can glitch it? If you have difficulties with the process, there is a video tutorial of the whole thing. You can view it below. Protection Status