GTA 6: The Typewriting Monkeys Already Have A Plot

GTA 5 is approaching its second year birthday and it has served the gamers well thus far. Even today, many are still playing GTA 5 since the game has never run out of fun things to offer.

On the other hand, the GTA followers are looking forward to the future sequel, GTA 6. There has been a growing number of discussions on the sort of features, locations and plot for GTA 6 but they are mostly unneeded since Rockstar already knows everything about their next golden title.

Last we hear Rockstar speaking about GTA 6, they claimed that they have 45 years’ worth of ideas developed for the series. If so, then there is a chance that every idea made by the fans have already been thought of by Rockstar.

As such, it is also safe to assume that a plot is already available and all that is left is for GTA 6’s production to take place. Of course, that won’t happen yet until Rockstar starts abandoning GTA 5.


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