GTA 6: Taking Stunt Jumps To Next Level & Other Easter Eggs

Where do we expect GTA 6 to go when the game is released? Perhaps there could be focus on stunt jumps and other Easter Eggs in the game?

When it comes to stunt jumps in GTA 6 perhaps there could be a type of thrill seeker site in-game where people are sponsored to make jumps. There could be webcams hidden in the game at locations around the map and people could be invited to perform stunts.

If stunt jumps were included in the online game in GTA 6 perhaps there could be a ranking system and people could compete against each other. Basejumping and urban cliff diving could become part of the game.

Hidden packages could play a bigger part in GTA 6. They were in GTA 4. For instance someone would give you an idea of the locations of pigeons you had to kill, so perhaps they could do something along the same lines but with packages. For instance there could be one for speeding traps and you have to find them. For instance you could go speeding along roads and you find one and money is taken from the account. You then destroy it and report it and you get rewarded.

We also heard it said that GTA 6 would include the whole of the USA on the map. But then you would be faced with problems when travelling to different parts as you travelled through barren landscape for a long time. Wouldn’t this get boring?

But what are you hoping is going to appear or not appear in GTA 6?


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