GTA 6 Should Be Set In The 70s

The success of GTA 5 has got fans thinking on how GTA 6 can be better? Well, it has been frequently teased by Rockstar already that the latter is going to be much bigger than the former. Most fans are expecting more features added and a fresh storyline being set in a new city.

On the other hand, a portion of the fans are hoping that GTA 6 will take a trip back into the 70s. Well, the old-school culture of unprotected sex, hippies and coke might have already featured in GTA Vice City. Then again, this group of fans are hoping to relive that moment on the next-generation console.

It doesn’t have to be Vice City. Some fans believe that the 70s is best in London while others simply hope for new megacities in the US to shape GTA 6. For London, the 70s is the age where the rave culture is on the rise and there are too many hooligans and muggers around.

If GTA 6 is to be set in another city here in the US, then the 70s will make a perfect game for a mafia-themed plot. After all, that is the era where government officials are mostly corrupted and mafia owns the business.

On the other hand, this won’t make GTA 6 the first game to be about mafia. There are already many titles available like The Godfather, LA Noire and Mafia. Then again, it won’t matter much as GTA 6 will surely erase its rivals from history for being way too awesome.

Of course, that wouldn’t solve the debate on where the GTA 6 should be located. As long as the place is full of coke, prostitutes and disco, players will have no problem re-living the 70s.


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