GTA 5 Zombies DLC Nearing Release?

It is no secret that GTA 5 players would love to see a post-apocalyptic-themed DLC coming into the game from Rockstar. Soon, this may just happen as a hacker has discovered a source code titled “main zombie” inside GTA 5’s files.

Although it is not official, the hacker has been spot on with his previous discoveries which mean that this leak should also be taken seriously.

While no details were brought to light, the upcoming Zombie DLC is widely believed to be nothing more than an added game mode. When in play, gamers will be placed in the San Andreas map as they attempt to survive wave after wave of zombie attacks.

Rockstar has already shown the world on how a zombie apocalypse will look like in a game through their other title, Red Dead Redemption. With that in mind, fans can expect something of the same calibre to appear into GTA 5.

On the downside of things, nobody has got a clue to when the dead will rise again in GTA 5. With the placeholder already available in the game’s source code, there is a reason to believe that the DLC will be arriving in the next major update.