GTA 5: Zombie DLC Bound To Create Chaos

Hackers have never failed to provide GTA 5 players with information on upcoming DLCs prior to an official announcement from Rockstar. If the pattern is to follow, then GTA 5 players on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 can look forward to a zombie apocalypse that is coming to the game.

This is evident after the hackers discovered the placeholder file ‘main_ZMB’ in GTA 5’s source code. Obviously, the ‘ZMB’ is referring to zombies. If the hackers are spot on, then the next major DLC will see the undead invading the city of Los Santos.

Also, a Zombie DLC is not a stranger to Rockstar. The game developer once introduced something similar for their other AAA title, Red Dead Redemption.

Then again, it is still best to take this with a pinch of salt since there is no real word of a Zombie DLC coming to GTA 5. Regardless, having zombies in GTA 5 will surely create a havoc that players would all love to have.


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