GTA 5: Xbox One & PS4 Features Are Never Ending Fun

GTA 5 has already been released on the Xbox One and PS4, and it does offer an entirely thrilling experience of San Andreas. Aside from the fact that GTA 5 came out with better graphics to offer, it also arrived with tons of new features that are unavailable on the Xbox 360 and PS43 version of GTA 5.

The list includes first person view, more interactive map, playing as animals, opening car trunks, DLC cars appearing in traffic, fireflies, working radio display, cats roaming the streets, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, controllable trains, updated Blimp, new car accessories, neon lights and many more.

In short, GTA 5 on the next-gen consoles simply adds in tons of new features into the game. It simply makes GTA 5 denser with plenty of things to do and features to discover. As such, it is no wonder why many gamers on both the Xbox One and PS4 are glued to the game at home.

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